Williams Fitzsimmons, Jim and Sam
Sat Feb, 9 @ 8:00 PM (Doors: 7:00 pm )
The Southgate House Revival - Revival Room , 111 E Sixth Street, Newport, KY
Ages 18 and Up
$20 adv / $25 dos
William Fitzsimmons

Singer-songwriter and  music  producer William  Fitzsimmons’latest  record, 

Mission Bell  is  a  chronicling of  the tumultuous  last year  of  his life,  particularly  of the  separation  from his  second  wife. An  initial  version of  the  album was originally  recorded  in Fitzsimmons’  home  studio in  the  summer of  2017  but was  subsequently  abandoned during  the course  of, and  as  a result  of,  the separation. 


 In  2018 William  traveled  to Nashville,  TN  to start  recording  the  album  over from  square  one. Working  with  producer Adam Landry(Deer Tick,  Los  Lobos, k.d.  Lang,  Vanessa Carlton),  Fitzsimmons  spent a  month’s  time rebuilding  the  lost record,  with  contributions from  friends,  including Abby  Gundersen andRosie  Thomas. The  resulting  11-song album  tells  the  story  of a  decade-long  marriage destroyed  and  eventually rebuilt  from  the ground  up.  


The  process  and the  results  are  both  painful and  healing,  but also  respect  the complexity  of  humans, especially  at  their worst. This  is  not an  exercise  in “good-guy,  bad-guy”  songwriting; rather  an  attempt to  find  empathy, even  when  people are at  their  most depraved.  Mission  Bellincludes  songs about betrayal,  but  also reconciliation  and forgiveness.  

Choosing to go  deeper  than mere  absolutism  and fate,  these  are stories  of  people doing  their  best, but  still  managing to  often  

destroy each  other  in the  process. 


Having to  let  go of  the  first version  of  this record  was  incredibly strange  and  something I’ve  never  done before.  But  it  was the  right  thing to  do.  That record  was  made at  a  time when  nearly  all involved,  including  myself, were  living  dishonestly and  selfishly and  poorly,  and  it  was clear  in  the results.  When  I was  forced  to  see  the truth  of  how rotten  things  had  become  inside and  around  me, I  deleted  every note  and  every word.  My  dear friend  and  manager, Rishon,  connected  me  with  producer Adam  Landry,  and together  the  two of  us  spent weeks  upon  weeks breathing  back  life into  a  project that  I  thought was  lost  for good.  By  the time  wefinished,  I felt  like  I had  reclaimed  something that  was  taken from  me  and I  remain  terribly proud  of  this work  as  a result, ” says  Fitzsimmons.


Sonically,  Mission  Bell is Fitzsimmons’ first  analog tape-centric  album.  The sounds  are  raw, real,  and  tangible. The  

familiar comforts  of  acoustic guitars  are  present but  now  joined generously  by  synthesizers, electric  guitars,  drum  loops  

and  violins. “Cutting  to  tape was  new  and honestly  rather  terrifying to  me.  There’s no  “we’ll  fix that  in  post” kind  of  shit  going  on. What you  play  is what  you’re  gonna hear  on  the record.  But  there’s a  specialness  you get  in  a performance  when  you don’t  have  a parachute.  You  either play  it  like it  matters  to you  or  you don’t  and  I think  that  comes through  so clearly  in the  recordings.”


Originally from  Pittsburgh,  PA,  Fitzsimmons currently  resides  in Nashville,  TN.

Jim and Sam

Jim and Sam are a Los Angeles based wife/husband singer-songwriter duo. On November 3rd 2017 they completed their Anywhere Everyday Tour which found them playing one show every day for a year, changing their perspective on what it means to be musicians, performers and songwriters. At the end of the project they signed to Nettwerk Music Group and are currently working on new music that will soon be released and a documentary film about their 365 day Anywhere Everyday Tour. 


Their latest single, "Doctor Please," was produced by Dan Molad (Chimney and Lucius). Their single, "Underdogs," was recorded on tour with producer Viktor Bälter-Lundin and musicians Magnus Olsson and Anders Pettersson (Melissa Horn, Lykke Li). In 2015, they self released their debut EP, "This Is What's Left," produced by Lasse Marten (Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John).  


In 2007 they met at a comedy show.


Nice words from nice people... 


"Their songs are impeccably written, structured, and arranged. They’re also so very pretty, and incredibly catchy; earworms in the best possible way." Marion Hodges, KCRW MUSIC BLOG 


“Only equipped with an acoustic guitar, a storm-mounted microphone that takes up all the sounds and two amazing voices, they succeed in catching the audience's attention from the first chord. It's as if people hardly dare breathe under the songs to not break the mood and the question is if it's ever been as quiet in the usually quite messy Press Hall. This is what music is all about. Honest simplicity, two fantastic voices in tight harmonies, one acoustic guitar.” 
Pierre Eriksson, REFUG SWEDEN 


"Perhaps more intriguing is opener Jim and Sam whose sound is positioned somewhere in the bluegrassy knoll. The L.A. folk sweethearts are bound to break out with their Simon and Garfunkel meets Serge and Brigitte vibe (just scope their website for Chrissake)" James Walmsley, THE READER 


"Keeping, yes, almost increasing, the intensity when you calm down the tempo of a song is a tough art and not all of them lost. Jim and Sam are nothing but completely phenomenal at just that ... Their two voices complement each other so incredibly well and they fill in, duel and merge into each other, as it would be obvious. Jim companys effectively on his acoustic guitar, sometimes sparse and sometimes expressive so you think all strings can go at the same time ...They stand close to each other on the stage, often face each other and they sing so nicely and varied, move diligently and look at each other with such obvious love and warmth that it is like an invisible frame of blooming around them ... This is how music should always be experienced, and it's this kind of meeting between artist and audience should always be ... (Translated from Swedish) THIRSTY BOOTS 


"Their voices are intertwined into one unit and it is beautiful and beautiful...I think of Buckingham Nicks (before joining Fleetwood Mac), especially because I think Jim's voice reminds a little of Lindsey Buckingham's. Even his empathy and movement pattern when playing a guitar has a certain resemblance…. Both Sam and Jim live in the music and get full. Often it is low-key and crisp, but occasionally they stamp the beat in the floor and raise the tempo. Their midnight nose has a lot of humor and they have a glimpse of the eye." (Translated from Swedish) Pär Dahlerus, UPPSALA NYHETER 


"Armed simply with a guitar, the folk duo’s haunting harmonies filled our library, both unaffected and enchanting at once. The six-song set mixed catchy melodies with harmonic odes to relationships and friends long gone." 


"The LA based duo of Jim & Sam are to put it simply, wonderful musicians. Not only that, they’re bloody hard workers too. How exactly do we know that? Well, they’re currently embarking on their biggest project yet: The Anywhere Everyday Tour, setting them the challenge of playing a live show every day for an entire year! And in fact, their live performances are an enthralling and captivating experience, driven by their catchy folk tunes and beautiful vocal harmonies."